Hand Moon Star Heart Coaster and PDF

This coaster is so simple that you can easily make a set of four in an afternoon.  If you prefer, you can construct this coaster completely by hand, making this an ideal 'on-the-move' project.  Choose from a star, heart, hand or moon for the applique or why not make all four.

Fabric requirements/Cutting:
v  Fabric for COASTER TOP:  4½” square.
v  BACKING fabric:  6” square.
v  Quilt WADDING:  6” square.
v  Contrasting fabric for APPLIQUE:  4” square.
v  FUSIBLE WEBBING (i.e. Bondaweb):  4” square.
v  Co-ordinating stranded embroidery cotton
v  Fabric for binding as per your preferred method.   

1.   Print the applique shapes PDF sheet.

2.   Referring to the fusible webbing instructions, trace your desired shape onto the applique 4" square.  Cut out and fuse centrally onto the 4½” coaster square.  Using a stitch of your choice (I used a blanket stitch) and embroidery cotton, hand sew all the way round the applique shape. 

3.  Layer the coaster top, backing fabric and wadding and quilt around the appliqué shape close to the edge of the appliqué shape.

4..   Bind using your preferred method (I used double-fold strips on each edge).


  1. This is SO AWESOME, Amanda! I love exact how flexible of a pattern this is!! Sew by hand or machine, make one of FOUR different designs... coordinate them for coaster sets or mini- mug rugs!
    You have given me the love of appliqueing!


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