Saturday, 21 March 2015

Easter Mug Rug

Easter is just around the corner and the Patchsmith is ready. 
Easter Mug Rug
This year I have added the new Easter Mug Rug design to my Craftsy pattern store.  It is the perfect resting place for an Easter egg and a coffee cup - or in my case both - at the same time!
Yellow Bow and Button
This seasonal design is shown with a button at the center of the bow and I thought I would just take the opportunity to chat about buttons and trim.
When adding ribbon, felt, rick-rack or any other trim to a mug rug it is important to make sure it can be laundered.  Mug rugs are notorious for catching spills and drops of tea and coffee so it is important they can be washed and dried. 
Primitive Pumpkin Mug Rug
And when it comes to buttons - never use a shank button – it will unsteady your cup.  It is essential that a cup can rest on a mug rug safely so try to use a flat button.  If your button isn’t very flat you can use a thicker batting to enable the button to sink into the quilting.   But, if in doubt, leave the button off.  Replace it with a circle of fabric or felt or add stitching detail instead.  
Easter Cross Mug Rug with Stitching Detail
This is especially true if making a mug rug for an elderly relative or young child – they need a steady place for their cup.
Easter Mug Rug
Of course, if you are making a mug rug as a little piece of fabric art to hang on the wall then it doesn't matter and you can take your pick from any or all of your buttons and trim!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Canadian Flag (Maple Leaf) Mug Rug

Canadian Flag (Maple Leaf) Mug Rug

There is the Patchsmith’s Union Jack mug rug ......

and there is the Stars and Stripes mug rug ......

There is even an Uncle Sam mug rug .......

So it seems only right that the Canadian Flag mug rug pattern should join the Patchsmith’s pattern store today .....

It is also a wonderful Maple Leaf mug rug in its own right .....  

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Mother's Day 2015

It is Mothering Sunday here in England so I thought I would share some mug rug suggestions which make excellent Mother's Day gifts for mothers and grandmothers everywhere.  (All patterns are only $1.99 - just click on any picture and you will go through to the pattern at my Craftsy Store.)  

First up is the classic 'Mum/Mom' mug rug (both options included).  
Mum and Mom Mug Rug Pattern
Or maybe you prefer to create a personalised mug rug using the Patchsmith's Mug Rug Alphabet: 
Mug Rug Alphabet - three complete sets of letters

Flowers are traditional and always look good:
Flower Vase Mug Rug

Perhaps you are looking to use your mother's favourite colours in a little patchwork mug rug:
Granny Square Mug Rug

Or provide a sweet treat that will not ruin the diet:
Ice Cream Sundae Mug Rug

Perhaps afternoon tea:
Afternoon Tea Mug Rug from my Special Days Mug Rug Book

And for all mothers in the United Kingdom tomorrow:
Union Jack Mug Rug