Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Snapshots Quilt Along - Minimized

Have you heard about this year’s Charity QAL over at the Fat Quarter Shop? Are you joining in? I’m sewing along but I am making the blocks really small to include them in my Block-a-Day project.
January's FQS Snapshot Block - Birthday Cake (7" x 6")
Block 7 of the my BAD project
It is for a good cause so why not join in with a block or two.  You can find all the details for the full-size blocks over at the FQS Snapshots page.

If you fancy making the mini version you can find the cutting sizes over at Out of the Blue Quilts.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Across the Pond for the Best Dressed Bed

The Patchsmith's Nightdress Case
What do you do with your nightgown or pyjamas?  Under the pillow?  In the drawer?  Has nobody heard of a nightdress case?  According to Pinterest and Google – it seems not.   

I picked this month’s project before I did a search and I was shocked at how little there is available.  No, let me correct that – how there is ‘nothing’ available.  So this month I had to make it up as I went along. 
Scrappy patchwork.
I knew how I wanted it to look – rounded.  I knew how large I wanted it (9” opening, 9” from top to toe and 13”-14” across the bottom).  I knew I wanted to use scraps and I wanted it to be pretty.  I could see it in my mind’s eye – I just had to make it a reality.

It would have to be simple though – I’m no bag maker ..... or pouch maker for that matter.  I have Amy and Susie for those things – they are so much better than I could ever be.   I get lost turning a corner so my nightdress case had to be simple – really simple.
Scrappy patchwork rectangle.
My pouch is made up of a patchwork rectangle (12 rows of ten 1½” scrappy squares) and a linen flap incorporating my favourite block from my BAD project – block 15.    
Block 15 - Boxed In.  One of my favourite patchwork blocks so far.
I folded the patchwork rectangle in quarters and marked an outline along one size using my Frixion pen. 
Quartered, drawn and cut.  Love that Frixion pen - a hot iron and all marks are gone.
I cut along the outline and opened up the patchwork to reveal the shape of the pouch. 
The same shape as my body!
I created the flap in a similar fashion by folding the linen rectangle in half and drawing a curve from the outer corner down to fold (I told you it was simple) and I stitched it to the patchwork.
Block 15 is perfect for this flap.
Next I quilted the patchwork but not the flap.  I then layered the front with a piece of lining, right sides together and stitched all around the outline leaving a 3” gap for turning. Once I turned it right side out, I then positioned a piece of Velcro on the underside of the flap, in line with the patchwork block.  
Velcro is stitched in place as I quilted the flap.
Only now did I quilt the patchwork block which served to secure the Velcro in place at the same time.  Neat eh?  
All complete and pretty as a picture
 From there it was a case of folding the pouch and stitching down each side – I didn’t think that through – it was quite thick but nothing my trusty machine couldn’t handle.  And there it is – pretty-as-a-picture-perfect-for-the-Patchsmith nightdress case. 

Now if you are somebody that needs a pattern I have checked out some simple bag patterns (I think they are called ‘purses’ across the Pond) that might fit the bill:
Sometimes Crafter's Kindle Case - very similar to how I made mine - just make it bigger.

She Can Quilt - quilt-as-you-go.  Make it any size you like.  Easy.

Make My Day Creative - this version is leather and crochet
but it would work just as well in quilter's fabric

BHG.  Roses are red, violets are blue,
this crochet clutch would hold a nightie or two!
Or you could pop over to Susie’s Sunroom and see what that skillful little minx has created with her Simply Striped Accent Pillow – yes, a nightdress case.  
Susie's Clever Pillow PJ Case
Oh, I wish I’d thought of that.  Especially as I am in the Simply Striped Pillow Blog Hop for showcasing that pattern.  Doh!  

But hey, I am the Patchsmith and I know how to get-my-own-back - so be sure to come back and see how ‘barking’ mad I can get on Saturday 7th March when I am the blogger for the Simply Striped Pillow blog hop (starts tomorrow over at Susie's Sunroom).    You may just find revenge is oh-so-sweet and works to your advantage. 

p.s. Don’t forget to post any photos of pyjama cases or nightdress cases, if you find any, over at the ATPSAL Flickr group.  

Monday, 23 February 2015

Block 54 - A Blessing

Block 54 - Cupid's Arrow
I love days like today.  It started ordinarily enough – a full schedule of driving other people to appointments whilst I found somewhere warm to wait for them.  But then, something unexpected happened ......... a moment of bliss crept up on me.

I was sat, between appointments, in a warm supermarket cafe drinking coffee and sewing today’s block.   And I realised – I was content – more than content – I felt blessed.  It is surprising what a little bit of fabric and a needle-and-thread can add to a day full of commitments.