Sunday, 10 December 2017

Applique, applique - everywhere

My Christmas Nativity Mug Rug applique gets a new location.

Two years ago I shared with you my version of Hearts and Bees ‘One Hour Basket’.    You can find my original post here - it includes details of where to position the applique onto the basket.

I just wanted to update you that the link has changed – the pattern is now available in PDF version via Craftsy.  There is a small charge (about a dollar or 75p in English pennies).  It is will well worth the money - click on the link below to go through to the pattern.

by Hearts and Bees

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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Quilted Christmas Tree

I cannot believe it is three year since I made a quilted Christmas Tree forest. 

If you fancy making your own quilted tree you will need the FREE QUILTED CHRISTMAS TREE PATTERN 

Click on this photo to go through to the FREE Quilted Tree Pattern

You can find the tutorial and blog post HERE which contains lots of photos to help you grow your very own Quilted Christmas Tree.  
Click on this photo to go through to the tutorial
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Monday, 6 November 2017

Bee Happy Rows 2 and 3

Adding a Patchsmithian touch to the Bee Happy Quilt

It is time for an update on the Bee Happy sew-along quilt.  If you remember I had got part way through Row 2.   Since then I have taken a few shortcuts to finish Row 2 and I have also completed Row 3.

Rows 1 and 2 complete

Row 2 required two Hexie Flower blocks, a trio of spools and the Stars and Stripes flag block.  I replaced the Stars and Stripes with a Union Jack to add a British touch to my quilt.  (Click on the photo below for the FREE paper-pieced Union Jack block.)  
A Patchsmithian touch to the Bee Happy Quilt

To make my progress even quicker I decided to replace the two 6” Hexie Flower blocks with two ‘already made’ butterfly blocks from my Butterfly Patch Mug Rug and Block pattern. I just had to choose which two blocks to use from the three I had to hand .... 
The Butterfly Patch Mug Rug pattern comes with instructions to make a 6" butterfly block 

And then it was onto Row 3.  First up are three Flower Pot blocks.  
A touch of Patchsmith gingham ..... of course!

I'm using scraps for my quilt so I decided to add some cohesion by using the same fabrics for all three pots.  It works well doesn’t it?

Next came two of the simplest blocks – a peach and pear block.  
Two of the easiest blocks so far.

This was joined by the very first Churn Dash block I made – the gorgeous Bee Churn Dash.  
For a beeautifully quick was to make the bees just click HERE.

But then I hit a snag.  The next block, the Bunting Block, required bias binding made using fiddly little gadgets.  No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get the gadgets to work.  I needed a super-speedy solution and I needed it NOW!  Thank goodness for my ribbon box!  
Ribbon to the rescue.

I would strongly recommend ribbon for this block as it doesn’t fray, is easy to place and saves so much time. (I fused a thin strip of fusible webbing to the back to keep it in place whilst I stitched it down.) 

The Bunting Block hangs over two thermos' and my favourite block so far in this sew-along – the Hens.  Aren’t they just the cutest you have ever seen?
Bee happy hens hanging out together!

So that is Row 3 complete and stitched together with Rows 1 and 2.  But there is no time to stop and chat – I am way behind on this sprint-along – Row 4 is calling me.

Until next time........