Monday, 26 September 2016

Sherlock Holmes Mug Rug

Sometimes you just have to follow the clues to find the perfect gift for a friend, relative, teacher or Sherlock fan....

and the clues will lead you straight to the Patchsmith's Sherlock Holmes mug rug pattern ....

And, because sometimes time (and money) is of the essence - it is available for immediate download and costs only $1.99.

It’s elementary my dear Watson!  

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Transfer a Stitchery Design onto Dark Fabric

Want to transfer a design to dark fabric?  All you need is some Tracedown paper (USA) and a pencil. (Click here for Tracedown paper from Amazon UK)

The paper comes in many colours - I am using white (for dark fabrics).  

Firstly, place your fabric right side facing up.  Next lay one sheet of Tracedown paper, chalky side facing down, on top of your fabric.  Finally place the design on top. 
The Tracedown paper has chalky side facing down

Pin all three layers together so they don't move. 

Then use a pencil to trace over the design.  

Unpin the layers and start stitching over the chalked tracing. 
Don't worry about the smudges - they will disappear

You will find the chalk rubs off a little as you work but it should never disappear completely.

Once you are finished stitching wipe over the fabric with a damp cloth to get rid of the chalk (I keep a pack of baby wipes in my worktable drawer for such occasions). 

Spookily simple.  So much so that I will be testing the graphite paper on white fabric next week so be sure to come back to see how I get on.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Cozy Christmas Flower Wreath Mug Rug

We are hanging wreaths this week in the Cozy Christmas sew along.  (You can get the free pattern together with details of fabric requirements and templates over at Bee in my Bonnet.)

I already have a couple of wreaths in my mug rug library – one from my Special Days pattern book .....
Special Days Holiday Wreath Mug Rug

.......and one from my One Block Mug Rugs pattern book. 
One Block Christmas Wreath Mug Rug

So I opted for a flower wreath block for this week’s Cozy Christmas mug rug and here is how .....

To begin I created the smaller flower center by tracing shape B20 onto paper.  I then scanned it and printed it at 60% size.   
Select 60% in the scaling box BUT
 remember to put it back to 100% when printing patterns

Next I added shape B2 for the center and a-smidgeon-over-half of shape B10 for the corner leaves so that it all fits neatly onto a 6½” background square.

The only thing left was to decide which sidebar I would use from my One Block Mug Rugs book.   
The choices are endless with my One Block pattern book

I went for the ‘quirky’ option of turning the Stars and Stripes Sidebar into a Snowman’s Flag by fussy cutting some of Lori Holt’s cutesy Cozy Christmas fabric. (This sidebar is also available individually for $1.99 in the Stars and Stripes Tea-Time pattern.)
Snowman Flag Sidebar

And as they say – the rest was history – or should that be herstory - batting, backing and quilting herstory. 
Simple outline quilting and a scalloped binding

I am rather smitten with this mug rug and I think I will have trouble parting with it come Christmas time.  But I can’t keep them all.
My new favourite Cozy Christmas Mug Rug

If you want to see all my projects and patterns then snowball it over to my Patchsmith ‘Design, Make’ Do’ Pinterest page for a little bit of mug rug gazing.

Until next time .....